Roxie is a photography and short film producer and journalist based in New York. Born by the Long River, raised in Beijing, now living in New York, she has unique perspective from both the east and the west. Roxie produces fashion editorials, fashion campaigns and fashion films for Harpers Bazaar China, Elle UK, L'Officiel India, Schön! and many more magazines and brands. She also produces music videos and documentaries for various musicians. As a journalist, she writes for Vision China, YOHO!Girl, and Elle China.

Besides producing and writing, Roxie is a vegan fashion blogger and animal protection activist. Receiving her Bachelor’s Degree from New York University with a solid academic background in marketing and animal studies, Roxie has been working on animal protection from various angles. She loves combining sustainable and ethical fashion with fun ideas. To learn more about her cruelty-free and sustainable fashion values, check out this Peta page.

Roxie is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Branding at The City College of New York.

A fun video to get to know more about her:


Instagram @roxiexie