Mom's Classic Trench

The best thing of having the same size of your mother is that you can literally share clothes with her. Every time I go to my parent's house, I ask my mom to leave the bunch of her unwanted clothes for me. You'll never know what surprise you might find in your mom's unwanted pile!

My mom found this single breast swing trench a bit snug, so I took it and style with a pair of "too snug" faux leather leggings of hers.

I always pick the cool items out and throw them into my wardrobe. For those that both of us do not need, I will donate them. Fashion is not about trend but about the style...Besides, even the trend comes back every ten years or so! So don't let your old garments go wasted! Think about recycling your mom/sister/dad/other friend's old clothes and make them yours with your charm and style!

All items from this outfit are cruelty-free.


Single Breast Swing Trench/ Vintage Lacoste from my mom

Gray Sweatshirt/ Vaute Couture (this is a vegan brand)

Black Faux Leather Leggings/ My mom's

Black Faux Patent Booties/ Lost Ink