Not Yours!

I'm NOT YOURS to eat, to wear or to entertain; I am an animal, and we are all animals!

So why treat other animals the way that YOU don't want to be treated? Are we superior to animals just because we are more civilized/ intelligent/ are capable of more power? So what is the difference between speciesism and racism?

Good questions to consider...And good sweatshirt to show off! Not yours sweatshirt from Nois, and they curate cruelty free designer items!

All items in this outfit are cruelty-free.


White Shirt/ Mom's old shirt

"Not Yours" Sweatshirt/ Nois New York (this is a vegan brand)

Marble Necklace/ Vit

Pleated Skirt/ Zara

Faux Patent Booties/ Lost Ink

Blue Paris Bucket Bag/ MeDusa Studio